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Hydrocarbon Publishing Company

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被男朋友啪醒是一种什么体验 新闻被男朋友啪醒是一种什么体验 新闻,富二代f2抖音app苹果安卓下载富二代f2抖音app苹果安卓下载,曾拥有上亿身家的贵妇下海卖鲍了!曾拥有上亿身家的贵妇下海卖鲍了!

is a knowledge-management company serving refining and petrochemicals businesses worldwide. Since 1987, we have offered comprehensive and insightful strategic business and technical intelligence to our clients via our unique newsletters, online knowledge services, strategic reports, and conferences. Our mission is "Translating Knowledge into Profitability" for the industry. Working with our clients, we believe knowledge and technology can provide the world with both energy security and a clean environment.

Business and Technology Newsletters:
Worldwide Refining Business Digest Weekly.e is a weekly business publication crafted for busy executives who demand comprehensive, yet no-nonsense intelligence covering pertinent refining business news and trends around the world, including the latest developments in shale plays. Worldwide Refinery Processing Review is a quarterly technology publication including all processing units from the front-end to the back-end. It examines state-of-the-art technologies, plant operations and practices, refining R&D, worldwide installed capacity, recent construction activity, and completed construction projects. It also features an executive summary section titled "Market Trends and Technology Opportunities," which helps refiners and suppliers identify the latest developments and future business prospects in every refining process.

Online Knowledge Services: Global Refinery Shutdown Roundup & Analytics is a feature-rich data powerhouse containing information about planned maintenance and unit glitches at refineries around the world, allowing users to track plant activities and spot business opportunities. The data also includes refinery contact information. ReviewNET offers 24/7 online access to all technology covered in the Worldwide Refinery Processing Review, making it a live refining technology encyclopedia. It is for exclusive corporate license. is the single-source, free-of-charge website featuring the latest news, market and technology updates, global patents, and much more related to unconventional crudes for professionals throughout the upstream and downstream segments of the industry.

Strategic Reports: Multi-client studies present technical solutions and recommend business strategies that help refiners and suppliers stay ahead of changing market dynamics, tackle evolving environmental regulations and national energy policies, and capitalize on unique profit opportunities. Recent reports:
Strategic Roles of FCC Units in Refinery Operations: Predictive Analytics via Patent, Gap, and SWOT Analyses, Refinery Power Outage Mitigations, Refinery Energy Management, Opportunity Crudes Report II, Refinery Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Management Strategies and Sulfur Plant and Refinery IOT.